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Why it works: Success stories don’t need to be complicated affairs. In fact, sometimes it’s a case of the simpler the better.

FreshBooks decided to embrace the simple yet emotional story of Sarah and turn it into a customer success story that’s authentic and powerful. They let her do the talking, and the result is a piece of content that positions FreshBooks as a genuinely trusted business.

This is a strong example of a success story that packs an honest, emotional punch.

What to copy: Don’t over-complicate things. If your client has a compelling story to tell, let them tell it without interruption.

Should you move to serverless? Is GraphQL the answer to your API woes? Should you follow the latest DevOps playbook to increase your system reliability? In the world of tech tools, there’s a lot of buzz. But it doesn’t always reflect the daily reality of programmers.

As the founder of a developer tools startup, I’ve talked with hundreds, if not thousands, of software developers over the last few years in the course of routine user research. The common theme in these conversations, even bigger than the need for the product we were building, was an overarching need that is currently underserved: building for real developers, or what I like to call the 99% Developers.

These are developers who are getting work done outside of the hip companies and frameworks, who often get neglected in conversations about “what developers want.” There’s a huge gap between what “developer-influencers” are talking about, and the daily reality of most developers. When you look at what gets covered by the tech media, or the speakers at top tech conferences, it’s often people from high-growth darlings like Airbnb or Stripe, or established, highly profitable companies like the FAANGs.